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(Build 5016) AU2 bug alert - AU2 now up to build 5020, btw.

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:53 pm
by admin
The initial release of Update 2 was Build 5016.

Form actions are missing on forms you create from scratch in Build 5016 using layout regions, text boxes, etc..

Forms already existing a site when Build 5016 was applied still have actions.

New forms ignored what you typed and didn't include "action=" in the form tag.

WSP released (8 Mar 2006) a replacement Update 2 (build 5019). This fixed the issue above and a included a couple of other minor fixes as well.

Since then, WSP has issued yet another revision to Update 2. (build 5020).

This revision will update any previously installed version of Fusion 9, including the previous builds of Update 2.