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Secure Site Configuration

Postby audiografix » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:18 am

I'm getting a bit hot under the collar on this now. I've done it once before
but can't get it to work again.
I've been over old posts and tried pretty much everything with no luck.
I need a secure area for a customer to upload wedding photos.
I have done the main site in Swish and intend making the photographers
client area (NOF9.1) integrate with the main site.
From a link on the main site I have a 'client login' age. ( This is a non protected page but it has a table with name links for the clients to see
their photos. To the left of this I have a hidden link for the administrator
to allocate a password etc. This is linked to the 'admin' page.
The link in the table to the right of the name is connected to an individual
login page which should direct the client to the page which has the gallery.

So..... If I click on the admin link (small area to the left of the name in
the table), this should take me to the login page for admin as the admin
page by default is secure. But it takes me straight back to the main client
login page as if I have entered an incorrect password.
If I click on the small arrow link to the right of the name in the table, I
am taken to the normal login page for access to the photos (which I am
guessing also doubles as the admin login page). I type in my username and password and I get this:

"[Error 602] XML errors. Could not match SecureSite components by database path '/db/client1.csv'. This may be a publishing problem. If republishing does not solve the problem, ask for support including this information."

Where are the xml, csv, php and html files supposed to reside? In one folder or the Root?

Any ideas anyone or have I completely lost the plot!


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Postby audiografix » Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:16 pm

I have now noticed that the published xml file contains the info from a previous xml file on a different secure site!
What's happening there then!

Steve. :(

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