Problem with site, please help

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Problem with site, please help

Postby Alan W » Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:15 am

Hi guys. I have a small part time business and a simple website I built in NOF8.

There have been several incarnations of the site to reach its current version and although I am pretty IT illiterate I am pleased with what I have managed to achieve what I have by learning the programme from scratch - mostly from trial and error with a lot of frustrating times along the way.

I have two questions and I hope that somebody here can help me.

Q1. Firstly I have this issue in the master border where the space between my logo image and the top of the page is identical for every single page when you view it in the programme. However, in preview mode or when the live site is viewed the home page sits lower in the browser than the rest of the pages of the site. You can see what I mean here

I have looked at all the measurements and layout and cannot work out why it is doing this.

Q2. I was working on the site yesterday and was clicking around the programme trying to find the reason for the above and I clicked on Home Layout then accidently clicked on 'add' and now I seem to have two home page layouts, the original (home) and a blank one (home1) . I am now frightened to publish the home page as I don't know what it will display?

Thank you for your time

Kind regards


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