Making a new phpBB style for your Fusion site.

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Making a new phpBB style for your Fusion site.

Postby admin » Sat Oct 29, 2005 1:05 pm

phpBB comes with an attractive style template called subSilver. The look of this board is about 90% subSilver at the moment.

To make a new style for phpBB, use either subSilver or another style you may have downloaded as a basis for a style for your forums.

This is going to involve some editing of text files, since there's no web interface for copying a style included with phpBB.

Let's assume you unzipped the installation files to your PC and are basing your new style on subSilver. If not, substitute the name of the style you're using to base yourr new style on.

First, navigate to the templates folder within the phpBB2 folder. You'll see a folder called subSilver. Make a copy of this folder and it's contents and name it whatever you want to call your new style. Don't use any spaces in the name you select.

We'll call your new style "YourStyle" as we go through the steps below. Replace it with the name you've given your style.

Now the fun begins.

Within the newly name folder containing the copies of the subSilver template file...

Rename subSilver.cfg to YourStyle.cfg
Rename subSilver.css to YourStyle.css
Open theme_info.cfg, replace all "subSilver" with "YourStyle".
Then do the same to all .tpl files. You can easily do it with almost any text editor (such as Notepad) by using command "replace all".

At this point, you make any changes you need to make in the YourStyle.css file. Once you upload your new style and add it you your forums using the phpBB admin interface, certain CSS settings will be inserted into the forum database and will be modifiable via the admin interface. Changing them in the .css file afterwards will have no effect on the board. So do it now.

Once all files are modified, you'll have a duplicate of subSilver named YourStyle.

Now, upload (via ftp) the entire YourStyle folder to the forum templates directory on your web server.

Using the admin interface, you be able to add the new style, making it available for your users. Using the main configuration admin tool, make it your default style.

At this point, take a look inside the YourStyle folder on your PC. Open the images folder.

This is where you'll find the copies of the default subSilver images. Using your favorite image editing program (we like Ulead PhotoImpact - available via links you'll find on BeyondFusion), you can make your own images to replace the default images.

In the next artlcle, we'll talk about changing the header and footer of the forum pages. More text editing ahead.

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