Hello from another longtime NOF-user

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Hello from another longtime NOF-user

Postby Isabelann » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:04 pm

I started way back in the NOF 4 day -- I had purchased 3 and it had just updated to 4! I loved it until it phased Coolmaps out, and then I was lost because I really depended on my dynamic menu. By then I had a nice ''love affair'' with SiteGrinder 2, but now with the SiteGrinder 3 version it's all so wrong, I went back to my updated NOF 11. In the meantime, I had purchased AllWebMenus, and now with a large graphic heavy website on my desk to do, I was hoping to get the AWM to work on NOF 11. EVEN AFTER READING THE TUTORIAL and following all the helpful instructions to set up my menu and publish my components, it still does not work. But Beyond Fusion has really changed... no membership, just donations... I will post my AWM Menu challenge on another section of this forum, but its nice to be back!

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