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Finally Joining the Group!

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:00 pm
by Isabel
Hi, I'm Isabel and I've been a NOF user since 4! Long time! I've been excited about the internet ever since I saw the first graphic on a web site. I said, "That's for me!" Its been a long learning curve crossing the media platforms of traditional pen and pencil (I still offer illustration and calligraphy services) and graphics (My 'official career' was working in graphics houses in Washington DC as a high production graphic designer) to the internet. Still can't get enough of it! Right now I am getting more code and marketing conscious -- two areas that are truly Greek to me, so after a few emails directly with BeyondFusion, I decided this is the forum for me.... and of course, I'll post my newest bump in the road elsewhere, but I just wanted to give a little background and say a big Hi to y'all!