EZRound -missing lines...

Graphics creator for generating table border images. Rounded corners and more.
Bob Brink
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EZRound -missing lines...

Postby Bob Brink » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:19 pm


Trying to use the EZRound and NOF 10.
When I import my HTML into NOF10 I get four corners but no horizontal of vertical lines?!?

My Style uses CSS

I have spent a few hours fiddling with it and reading and no luck.
Any guesses as to what is setup wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Brink
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ezround's answer

Postby Bob Brink » Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:18 am


I received this from Team EZRound;

EZRound works fine with NOF10 (CSS is irrelevant here) - but NOF 10 is **different** in how things work and appear. The tutorials were pre-NOF10.

Do this:

1) Create a new page called EZRound in NOF10 and mark it as "Exclude from Navigation"
2) Export the design in EZRound
3) Select the 9 images in Windows Explorer and drag/drop onto the NOF10 EZRound window. Let them stack up there and forget about them
4) Go to assets view, select each image and mark as "Always Publish"

The assets are now available in NOF10.

Then you have two options:
1) Split the HTML generated by EZRound and use as shown in the centered tutorial ( www.ezround.com/centered ) for the full page in EZRound effect.
2) Create a 3x3 table in NOF, then use the picture tool to set the four corners (drop the picture in the corner and select the image from the assets list - not from a file). Then set the other images as the background image of the other five cells.

Either of these work fine in NOF10.

-I hope this helps someone else.


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