EZRound: Create rounded corners, drop shadows, etc in NOF

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Team EZRound

EZRound: Create rounded corners, drop shadows, etc in NOF

Postby Team EZRound » Sun Oct 30, 2005 1:58 am


EZRound - Graphic Edge HTML Table Designer and code writer

Quick Facts:

* EZRound makes it easy for anyone to create HTML tables with round corners, drop shadows or other special effects. No graphic talent or experience required!
* There are plenty of examples on the website
* EZRound works with NetObjects Fusion 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0 (and should be fine with 9.0).
* There is a working demo available for download at the website.
* There are specific tutorials for using EZRound with NetObjects Fusion (as well as eBay and other uses).
* There are movies online to show how fast and easy it is to use.
* The complete help is available online for you to preview.
* You can even "Buy Before You Try" since we have a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

EZRound - Graphic Edge HTML Table Designer - only $29.95


EZRound is the best answer to the question:

"How do they create those cool HTML tables with the round corners, drop shadows and other special effects?"

With just a few mouse clicks EZRound creates a stunning array of web graphics that are used to visually enhance your web pages. Then it slices them into perfectly sized pieces, writes them to optimized files and even generates HTML containers for them. You just add your content, upload them to your website and your done!

Say goodbye to flat boring tables that put your website visitors to sleep. With EZRound you can make your website content come alive!

No matter if your just looking for a way to add quiet elegance to your web page designs or make a bold visual statement - EZRound is the tool you need to get the job done.

EZRound is ... EASY!

You don't have to be a graphics designer, you don't have to have artistic talent and you don't have to buy expensive software to create these great effects. No experience is required and everyone is an instant expert!

EZRound is ... FAST!

In a hurry? No problem! EZRound ships with 70 designs to get you started. Just load the one you like, click the export button and your ready to go. You can also take any of the designs, change it to suit your needs and save it as a new design.

EZRound is ... VISUAL!

Changes to your design are displayed "real time" so you don't have to guess what something would look like - you see it instantly. Plus you can preview the design in our integrated web browser (or in your external browser)

EZRound puts you in total control

EZRound lets you choose the shape of your HTML table or form. You can pick from an array of choices that include rounded corners, square, hanging tab effects, even a tombstone design.

You can add shadow effects such as a surrounding shadow or drop shadow (with the light source coming from any direction). You can even change the color of the shadow.

Need color? You have complete control over the colors used. You can simply pick from the color controls - or enter a HTML color for 100% accuracy in matching your website design.

Accent your work. EZRound even lets you add a accent band of color around the edge of your design. You control the color, thickness and offset from the edge of the design.

You can also export your designs to the clipboard (as an image) so you can paste them into a message and email them to clients for approval.

Use EZRound to make image slices, or as a container for HTML, menus, photos and other items.

If you are a web designer, you know that you can create the rounded table effect by slicing a graphic and inserting it in the cells of an HTML table. You can simply choose to have EZRound generate the slices from your design, or it will create the actual table container for you. Many design programs (such as NetObjects Fusion) allow you to paste external HTML into place. Using this method is fast and easy!

You can put anything into the HTML containers. Text, photos, video, even menu systems. When you visit the EZRound website the menu system is a standard NetObjects Fusion navigation bar set inside a table built with EZRound images.

These containers can "grow" to hold dynamic text or be fixed in size and width. You can even build photo galleries. Our screen shots page is actually a table that is holding multiple EZRound containers - each one is a link to an external file.

You can also use it as a container in other programs (such as eBay listings). We'll be adding several tutorials on our website that show exactly how to do this.

But you really like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro and know what your doing with them?

Great! Congratulations on learning how to use such difficult tools! EZRound is for you too. It has an import feature that will read in a image file from over 40 of the most common file formats. Then you set the slice parameters to suit your taste and let EZRound do the work of slicing the image and creating the HTML.

EZRound knows file management

One problem that web designers face is dealing with file names - especially when there are nine of them per design. EZRound automatically builds the file names and keeps track of them. Everything is laid out in a fashion that makes it easy to do the file management on your website and on your computer.

Buy it today!

Visit our website and download a free 14 day trial edition of EZRound. It is fully functional with the exception that it will not export your files. Make sure you like it, then buy it online. We will email you a registration key that will unlock the program. You can save your design while using the trial edition, and reopen and export it when you get your registration code.

We offer a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee, so if you prefer to just buy it first - you can do so with confidence.

You can buy EZRound for only $29.95 at http://www.ezround.com?LINKFrom:BeyondFusion

Get your copy today!

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