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Tutorials for Fusion users.

Combo Box Navigation with Javascript

  • Combo box Navigation tutorial Use Javascript with a combo box in a simple form to navigate to pages in your site and beyond.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

      IFRAME Code Generator

  • Beyond Fusion IFRAME Tool Uses PHP to generate code for  your IFrames Created by Chuck Joslin

Targeted Rollovers with Javascript

  • Targeted rollover tutorial Use Javascript to swap images using a mouse over of an image in a different location on the page.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

Hiding and Showing page content

  • Hiding and Showing content Use Javascript and CSS to hide and show content
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

Autoclosing a browser window

  • Autoclosing a browser window Use Javascript timer and a DIV to close an inactive browser window.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

Limiting user input in multi-line fields

  • Limiting Text Input with JavaScript Using JavaScript to limit character input into multi-line form inputs.
    from Dynamic Drive

Inserting RSS Feeds

  • RSS Feeds Several ways to add RSS feeds to your pre-Fusion 9 pages.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

      File downloads using PHP

  • Forcing File Downloads Using PHP to force downloading of a file. Useful for PDF files, etc.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

      Scrolling Content

  • Scrolling DIV tutorial Uses a DIV to scroll static content.
    Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

      MouseOver Sounds

  • Playsound tutorial Play a wav file by mousing over an image. Tutorial by Chuck Joslin

      Zoom Search Engine Howto

  • Add Zoom Search Engine - PHP Adding the PHP platform option of Zoom Search Engine to your Fusion site. Step-by-Step instructions and working demo.

      Other tutorials

  • Learn NOF Learn NOF tutorials
  • Alt-Web Alt-Web Fusion Tutorials
  • Tony Westley - U.K. Tony's PHP/MySQL tutorials
  • Chuck's PHP/MySQL Tutorials Using PHP and MySQL
    (without the Fusion DB component)
    Tutorials by Chuck Joslin

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