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RSS Newsfeed Tutorial.

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RSS feeds are constructed using XML. There are three basic ways to add news headlines to your web pages. You can use a hosted service that you link to using Javascript in your web page, you can install an application like zFeeder (below) that manages news feeds from within your web space or you can embed a script in your page that fetches and parses the RSS XML file and formats it as HTML.


Powered By zfeeder

zFeeder is an application that you install on your server. Written in PHP, it features a control panel, display templates, caching of headlines auto-updated offline via cron (optional) and more. Free under GPL.

Download page.

Standalone Script
This PHP script (that includes an XML parser) is inserted in the example page. The script is designed to pull in a single RSS newsfeed. It's available here for downloading as a text file. It can be embedded on a page using a text box with Ctrl+T. It's not for beginners, but it's fairly easy to modify if you're familiar with PHP, RSS and XML.

RSS Specifications site

Other resources:

RSS Specifications - site lising a number of RSS feed tools.


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