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Using AllWebMenus with Fusion

This tutorial teaches you how to use Likno's AllWebMenus Pro with NetObjects Fusion.

The instructions are for Fusion 11, 12, 2013 and 2015, but apply to versions 7.5 through 10 for the most part.

The free AWM component for Fusion is available here and supported by BeyondFusion.

The trial version of AWM Pro is full featured. You just can't save menus with it.

When you purchase the program, you get an activation code that allows saves.

The step by step instructions cover installing the component in Fusion, saving and compiling a menu in AWM and then positioning the menu in Fusion's page design view using the component.

Tutorial by: Chuck Joslin

What you need

AWM Pro 5.3

Free component

About AllWebMenus
Download Free Fusion component for AWM

Sites where we use AWM Pro: List here

Part 1 - Adding the AWM Component to Fusion

Installing the free AWM Component

Before you can use a menu designed with AWM in Fusion, you either have to learn how to add the code manually or install the AWM component that does it for you.

First - Download the component. It's a zip file containing a folder named "awm". Unzip the file and take the awm folder and copy it with it's contents into your Fusion components folder.

Important Note

If you're running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.x 64-bit and have Fusion 11, the location should be here:
(for Vista or Win 7/8 32-bit, the folder is simply "Program Files")

Default path for components folder

Checking your component installation

Publish View - Publish Menu

After you've installed the component, open Fusion and go to Publish View.

Open the Publish Menu and you'll see "Publish Components..." at the bottom. Select it and open the window in the next image.

To activate the AWM component for your site, check the checkbox.

Do this for each site you'll be using AWM with.

You'll see other components listed in the Publish Setup window.

They've been omitted from this image for clarity.

Publish Components Setup

Part 2 - AWM Settings and Compiling of Menus

Go to Part 2


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Works with Fusion 2015

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