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Secure Site Template

Secure Site Template for Fusion
Available for Fusion versions 10, 11, 12, 2013, 2015

Secure Login

User Name:

INSTRUCTIONS and Information

Use this login page to access a secure page in this site.

( user name is: tester password is: bfsst1 )

Try logging in without entering these credentials and you'll see an error message.

PHP sessions are used in this example.

The example consists of three pages.

This login page, a single protected page and a page you are sent to when you log out.

After trying the example, logout and then try to go directly to the protected page by entering its URL in your web browser (or just hit the back button).

We use a Text Box with Ctrl+T to generate the login form on the left.

The layout of this page is very basic and can be customized as desired.

For example, the login form could be added to numerous pages on a site, not just one.

On the logged out page, you'll see a Paypal button to order a template for adding secure pages to your site (or sites) using this method.

Uses PHP and a MySQL database.


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